Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Free Download Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Full Version with Crack Patch

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Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Download
Atomix Virtual DJ Pro 7 Full Version

Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Download:

Software Details:

Atomix Virtual DJ 7 download
Free Download Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Pro Full Version wih Serial, crack, keygen and Patch. Virtual DJ Pro is a software used for mixing sounds/music.. Virtual DJ 7 consists of a set of audio tools, effects and widgets designed specifically for Disco Jockey’s. We can also create music tracks from MP3-files in the built-in player,the program allows you to overclock the music inside the tempo or increase the speed of sound in manual and automatic mode. So what are waiting for.. scroll down, download the software and mix your music an become a DJ lolz.

Virtual DJ is the only programme through which we can mix and scratch smoothly any kind of music/video. Enjoy its features, effects & explore the music. It fits perfectly inside your existing DJ booth and allows you to progressively switch to digital mixing at your own pace. It provides you with Music Video & Karaoke support, Fully automated playlist mixing, Hardware Controller support and Mufti-format audio database and much more cool options. Virtual DJ is accessible to beginners and packed with extra features. The downside of the software is that it sticks too much to what a physical DJ setup is - other programs offer four decks and more user-friendly interfaces - small knobs may be great for your fingers, but they're less use on a screen!
On the whole, Virtual DJ is a solid, traditional-looking application. You can showcase your very own mix without having to carry around expensive and bulky equipment. VirtualDJ is now one of the the hottest AUDIO-VIDEO mixing software, targeting DJs from the bedroom, mobile, and professional superstars like Carl Cox etc. With the help of VirtualDJ BeatLock engine, songs will always stay in beat, and the DJ works their mixes incredibly faster. The automatic seamless loop engine and synchronized sampler lets the DJ perform outstanding remixes live, with no preparation at all. The vinyl controls will let you scratch like on a real turntable and thats really a cool thing, except that with the beatlock engine your scratches will never end out of the beat.

Atomix Virtual DJ 7 downloadVirtualDJ's large collection of skin interfaces to suit everybody from the beginner to the professional DJ, the possibility to record the DJ's mix to then burn to CDs, to broadcasting on the Internet and/or the DJ's own radio station, to use headphones to preview the song, or use an external mixer to perform in a club; VirtualDJ is a DJ's ULTIMATE mix software.

I think its pretty easy o get started. Simply open the music library, and drag and drop files into your Virtual DJ's decks. There's a BPM counter in Virtual DJ to help you out in judging transitions between tracks, and the visual wave display also helps to cue up your music. Setting the sound levels and altering bass and treble are all really easy. If you don't want to worry about your transitions, press the auto mix button and let Virtual DJ do all the work for you. Be warned though, that the results are pretty mixed!

You can sample and loop tracks live, add effects, and there's a very natural-feeling scratch mode. For the adventurous, there's a lot you can add to your mixes with Virtual DJ.

Support for recording your mixes is also available, which is a great way to learn, allowing you to analyze your mistakes and successes with the application. It also means you can record mixes for your friends! Mixes can be recorded in MP3, burned to CD or even streamed to internet radio. Virtual DJ can be set up to use two sound cards, if you have them.

Recent changes in VIrtual DJ:

Fixed microphone sound with non-ASIO soundcards
Fixed compatibility with 48Khz-only ASIO drivers
Fxed action "motor_switch" (fixes HS5500 in dual-layer mode)
New MIDI definition syntax:
Fixed IVdjPluginMapper plugins
fixed vinyl mode in config option to affect decks>2
Don't register as ReWire master until vdj is actually using it
MAC: fixed crash when automixing karaoke
MAC: fixed filter folders using "days since xxx"
MAC: fixed deleting playlists
MAC: fixed get bitrate informations
MAC: fixed sort by file date

Key features:

Some of the super cool features of Virtual DJ are ...
- Video mixing
- Three-band EQ
- Control of pitch
- Synchronised sampler
- Compatible with sound cards, ASIO
- Compatible with ID3-tags
- Fully supported karaoke
- Compatible with VST effects
- Encoding CD to MP3
- Automatic adjustment of track speed
- This changes the volume level
- Excellent imitation vinyl records
- Automatic reduction of the tracks
- Built-ins for audio processing
- Support for the change program interface using skins
- Support for MIDI-keyboard to control tracks
- Record mixes to WAV or MP3 formats
And much more…

 Virtual DJ 7 Screenshots 

Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Screenshot
Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Screenshot
Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Screenshot
Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Screenshot
Atomix Virtual DJ 7 Screenshot

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Download Atomix Virtual DJ 7
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