Saturday, 5 January 2013

Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

In Some of my previous post I show u How to Turn a laptop or desktop PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot. But in this post I m going to show you How do u can use your Nokia Symbian phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and use its active internet connection through your other Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptop, desktop or mobile etc.
Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Many people use more than one PC, laptop or mobile phone to use internet or browse websites at their home or office. But no one use more than one connection to use it into those multiple devices. Some people use  LAN (Local Area Network) method. But days are getting modern and modern tech lovers are start using WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). This type of people use Wi-Fi to multiply their internet connection. 
So..The main topics was, How to turn a mobile phone into a wireless hotspot and use it to other devices. To make it happen, u have to have:
1. A Nokia or Sony Ericson Mobile Phone (Click here to see the supported models)
2. Active Internet Connection on Your Mobile.
3. And Finally The "Joikuspot Premium" Mobile Application.
Download Link:
If you have finished download, let’s see the process…
Step 1: Install Joikuspot Premium into your phone and restart your phone after installation.
Joikuspot wifi
Step 2: Open the application, it will ask you "Allow Sharing Your Internet Connection With External Devices?". Select ‘No’.
Step 3: Go to ‘Option’ menu and select your internet access point to share connection.
Nokia Joikuspot wifi
Step 4: Press ‘Start’ and it will start sharing your connection through Wi-Fi within a moment.
Joikuspot wifi creator
Step 5: Now search from any other Wi-Fi enabled device to find and use this mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.
Happy internet using.. you can monitor your Wi-Fi activity in this tab.
Joikuspot wifi 2
If you want to stop network sharing you can press stop button any time to stop hotspot sharing.
Joikuspot wi-fi
I have tried to explain in details as much as possible, if you still have any complicity with any steps in this process then please feel free to leave a comment in the box bellow. I should get back to you immediately to solve your problem.


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