Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Top 4 best free android customization apps


e of the biggest advantages of having Android as your smartphone's operational system is the customization options.

Check below a list with the top four best free android customization apps.

4 - Nova Launcher

A simple, elegant and lightweight launcher option for your device. Nova Launcher adds some handy functions while keeping the interface simple and clean. You can customize literally everything with it, app drawer, bottom dock, folders, icons, colors and even fonts! The possibilities are infinite.

3 - Go Locker

The number one app for lock screen customization. Go Locker offers stability and compatibility with almost every android version, and a vast number of themes and presetted styles that allow you to have an awesome lock screen with just one tap.

2 - DashClock Widget

This fully customizable widget was made to center all your most important notifications in one spot in a super elegant manner. DashClock Widget allows you to add functions like weather, missed calls, emails, alarms and whatever else you can think of!

1 - Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher easily takes the first spot on the list. It's more than just a launcher, the more appropriated word would be "suite", since it completely remakes your smartphones interface. Including icon packs, incredible themes, a new app drawer and a very interesting widget support, Smart Launcher is the way to go.


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