Friday, 8 February 2013

Make Free Mobile 2 Mobile Unlimited International Voice & Video Calls Using 2G or 3G!

Dear Filesflame visitor, This is our 86th post. Thanks for being with us. We are always trying to give you the best things at free of cost. Because, “The best thing in life are getting something free”.
So, this was the greetings part. Let’s come to the main part of this post… How to make free Unlimited international mobile calls using 2G or 3G networks!
Make free Mobile Calls
How it’s free?
Actually this is not 100% free but it will minimize your call cost almost 80%-90%. Yes,  It could be 100% free if you are using internet through any public Wi-Fi hotspot.
Making mobile 2 mobile calls (ISD or Local) by this process will not cost your any kind of mobile cash balance, it will cost you only some Internet bandwidth kilobytes (kb.) from your mobile internet packages.
Make free Mobile Calls
How it Works?
Fring – A mobile VOIP application are giving the opportunity to make fring 2 fring voice and video calls. Fring Works similarly Skype. Now you can say, why not Skype? Because of Skype are basically developed to work with high speed desktop and mobile internet, Skype will not work properly with your device If you have a 2G or slower internet connection. In that case, Fring can give you maximum call quality and voice clarity only with 5 kb per second speed. So it’s clear that you can use fring to make calls without any confusions even if you have a 2G network connection.
1) A Fring Mobile Application
2) Symbian, Android or iOS Mobile Phone.
3) Mobile Internet Connection
Step 1: Download and Install Fring on your mobile.
Step 2: Open Fring and Create your own account.
Step 3: Login and add your fring contacts.
Make free Mobile Calls
Step 4: Now select a contact name from your fring contact list that are online and click Fring Call or Video Call.  A fring incoming call will ring on your destination phone. when this call will be picked up, enjoy the free conversation.

You can also make group calls or chat with fring!
Note: To know more about supported phone models or this applications you can visit Fring Homepage.


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