Saturday, 9 February 2013

Samsung Google Android Pattern LockScreen Unlocker @Free

The pattern lock application on android operating system is one of the most popular screen locking application in android market. It is too much easy to use with touch screen android phones. For its easy use and interface, almost every android devices have it as their default locker application and rest of the users are using this app from android market.
Sometimes we changed our lock pattern to into a new direction and use few days then turn off the locker for long days. The big problem comes after some day latter when we start locker again and then try to unlock and we notice that the pattern direction has forgotten by me.
There could be so many reasons that’s why you forgot your pattern direction or just want to hack/unlock someone phone.
So, here I m with a very useful and small desktop application that can remove any kind of pattern lock. The name of this desktop application is Samsung Google Android Pattern Unlocker v3.2 .
You can unlock, hack, remove or bypass any Lock-Screen pattern of any Samsung, Google or any other android phones.
You just need to:
1. Download this Desktop Software.
2. Extract and install on your computer.
3. Connect your phone device.
4. Open Pattern unlocker application and locate your device.
5. Finally click on Unlock button.
Done! Hope your pattern has gone.
Note: Please use this application at your own risk! It can causes your data lose.


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