Monday, 17 December 2012

Download Pc Tools Performance Toolkit with crack and Save $40

Download Pc Tools Performance Toolkit with crack and Save $40

Powerfully simple performance, privacy and recovery tools to clean and speed up your PC.
Meet PC Tools Registry Mechanic’s bigger brother. With powerfully simple performance, privacy, and recovery tools, PC Tools Performance Toolkit helps make your computer cleaner, more responsive and most importantly, faster. Privacy tools erase your browser and search history, while recovery tools restore your lost photos, music, and other documents. Bring back that new PC feeling.
PC Tools Performance Toolkit Features: 1. Clean and Compact Registry. Speed up your PC by cleaning and repairing errors.
2. De-fragment Disks. Optimize and defrag drives for faster access.
3. Optimize Windows®. Speed up Windows with PC Tools’ preset optimizations.
4. Boost Windows Startup and Shutdown. Speed up your startup and shutdown times.
5. Find Duplicate Files. Remove duplicate files to improve drive performance.
6. Clear Cookies and Browser History. Erases Internet activities from your browsers.
7. Clear Browser Passwords and Form Data. Erases saved passwords and form information.
8. Clear Temporary and Deleted Files. Free up hard drive space by clearing unused files.
9. Clear Recent File History. Erases your recently opened files lists.
10. Shred Files. Permanently shreds files and folders from your computer.
11. Bleach Disks. Permanently wipes your deleted files, making them unrecoverable.
12. Recover Lost Files. Find and recover music, photos and documents.
13. Repair Drives. Analyze and repair your drives.
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PcTools|Performance Toolkit
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