Friday, 28 December 2012

Easily Close ‘Not Responding’ Programs Using cmd_ Command

Are your desktop computer sometimes showing up some kinds of problem like ‘This program is not responding’ or seems like hanged on? If so, read more to know the solution. There are a lots of reasons to happening it. I think this will not be so important to mention the reasons of this problem. I m just sharing the solution.
The basic and manual or just most common way to get rid of this problem is.. Open the task manager and find that program, then press End Task to close the program which one was not responding and then open the program again to work with it. Keyboard shortcut to open task manager is: Ctrl+Shift+Esc .
CMD Tricks

Now come to the main part of this article is, how to close any not responded program using windows DOS command, I mean cmd_!
Let’s see those very easy steps:
1. Go to Start> open run, or simply press WindowKey+R.
2. Type cmd> press Enter. Windows DOS command promoter will be open.
3. Then type tasklist> press Enter. Your all running tasks will appear.
4. Now find the name which one is not responding and type it after tskill, then press enter. Program will be closed. (i.e: tskill skype> Enter will close your Skype).
cmd task killer
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