Monday, 17 December 2012

How to Remove or Disable Facebook Timeline Easily

How to Remove or Disable Facebook Timeline Easily

Here i have got a really very good news for those who hate the ‘Timeline’ feature on Facebook and want to get rid of it to get back on their old Facebook profile or dimply want to Remove Timeline from their Facebook profile. So,by using this tricks you’ll be able to see your Facebook profile in old view and also whenever you are viewing your friends profile.
Remove Facebook Timeline
One thing should be clear before i start, Facebook has officially turned of this feature, so this is just a trick, not a permanent solution.
Timeline remover is an extension for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome using which you can view Facebook profile and pages in the old and classic way.
Delete Facebook Timeline
To remove timeline please follow this instructions:
1. Download the extension for ChromeFirefox and Internet Explorer. Download and install the extension as per the browser that you are using.
2. After installing this extension, restart your browser. Now open your Facebook Timeline.  your old profile is back. Whenever you view yours and other’s profiles, this extension will display the profile in the old style.
Timeline Remover Toggle
Note: In case if you want to view Timeline again, then you can toggle this timeline on and off anytime.

If you are thinking this is too much to follow, then just go to your browser address bar and type:  and see your Timeline is vanish! have some fun!

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