Thursday, 20 December 2012

Make Your Pen Drive Into A Password Stealing Device

Make Your Pen Drive Into A Password Stealing Device

All we use pen drives to transfer or collect data from another computer. Did you ever think that your pen drive can steal or hack all the passwords from a computer just when you connect it.
You don’t have to make any commend, just connect and get passwords!
Required things
1. A pen Drive.
2. Stealing Programs. (Download from the link bellow)
Let’s see the process:
1. Download a zip folder from This Link.
2. Extract the folder and copy it to your pen drive.
3. Done. Now just insert your pen drive into your friend’s computer and see magic.
When you get back to your home, all you need to check newly created text files into pen drive for passwords.
Note: This program will not work automatically if the autorun option has disabled in your victims pc. But you can make it work by manually run ‘autorun’ program from your pen drive.

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